Our objective at Wu Jao Academy is to teach a discipline that will develop patience and peace of mind, improve confidence and self-esteem. While learning to do so, students gain development of the integral skills that traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Taiji has to offer.


The Wu Jao Centre teaches a wide variety of esoteric practices including:

  • Bak Chaun - Northern Fist
  • Chang Chuan - Long Boxing
  • Nan Chuan - Southern Boxing
  • San Shou - Free Hand Boxing
  • Weaponry - Spear, Sword, Pole, etc.
  • Taiji - Yang and Chen style


History Chinese Kung Fu is said to have come into being over 14 centuries ago during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) at the famous Shaolin Monastery, located up the Song Mountain of Henan Province, Central China.

Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts), became known far and wide in the world with the appearance of a spate of Kung Fu films during the 1960's and 1970's. Unlike Western Boxing or Japanese Karate, the Wushu of Shaolin is closely tied to its religious background of Buddhism. Practicing Wushu was used to help attain the awareness of Buddha-nature, for physical fitness and, on some occasions, for self-defence. Emphasis, however, was laid upon the understanding of life, the cultivation of morality and the attainment of a balanced state of being.

Chinese Martial Arts can be divided roughly into its Northern and Southern schools. The former originated in the Buddhist Shaolin Monastery, while the latter started in a famous Taoist Shrine in the Wudang Mountains in Hubei Province. Both of these schools have influenced the styles of Kung Fu seen and taught today in Martial Arts Centres throughout the world.


When practising Chinese Kung Fu, the movement should be liquid and flowing. The techniques should be beautiful and rhythmic, the student full of vitality and radiating power, body and spirit must be one entity, power must be focused and breathing must continue without interruption.

Appearances can be deceptive: although some movements may look weak, they are in fact strong. A relaxed explosive technique with concentrated power will penetrate anything. When performing routines, it is important to remember speed, rhythm, timing, distance, focus, breathing, and the flow of the vital energy referred to as Qi, the vital energy which is said to fill the universe.

Initially, the body movements and the feeling of flow will at first be very confusing, then after a time they will become natural and finally you will enter a state of harmony and concentration. It is not the beginner who will feel this. Only after long and correct training will the student gradually be able to approach this state. No person really knows his/her physical power or capability. You may think at the time that you cannot continue, but eventually you will come to realize the great power of your body and mind. You should challenge that power until you actually do succeed.

All students of the Wu Jao Academy should strive to mature physically and mentally in order to achieve enlightenment and inner peace within themselves.